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Set of illustrations

Dino Universe, is a cute collection of funny and ridiculous dinosaurs of the most varied species, doing fun things in outer space. Their contagious laughter will brighten up your day. Specially created for children, these dinosaurs do intrepid, fun, and casual things but in a very special place, the universe! With shooting stars, constellations, planets, the moon and the sun. You can be an intrepid pilot rocket, space firefighter, ballerina, surfer, among other fun and cute characters.

The set of “Dino Universe” is composed of following: 8 Situations or characters doing things in outer space. 6 patterns. (two patterns, three color versions for each one) 5 illustrated quotes, patches and badges.

The content includes: Illustrator Files, EPS, PDF, PNG files (300 dpi), JPG (300 dpi) files.

If you want to contact to me please, write me! Thanks for watching and we will see you in the outer space!

The set it's available on:
Creative market
The Hungry JPEG

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