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Children collection.
Set of illustrations, patterns and more.

Once upon a time, there was an astronaut boy who fulfilled his dream of going to space with his loyal puppy in his spaceship, a graceful girl who broke the world record for spinning the ula-ula, an intrepid sheriff kid who faced bad boys with his faithful steed, a talented little artist who exhibited her beautiful portraits in Paris, an energetic boy who got to play his drums in a rock band with his friends, a brave princess who rescued a prince trapped in a tower guarded by a dragon.

This is "Play with me", an entertaining and beautiful collection that shows cute friendly children playing and fulfilling their dreams, always accompanied by their best friends, their own pets, dolls or stuffed animals. They will follow them into all their adventures, which have that incredible innocence and simplicity of childhood ... ❤️

This collection is ideal for making all kinds of products for children, like stationery, textiles, clothes, cards, pictures, toys, etc.

The collection is made 100% in vectors and contains the following elements: 

- 20 children (10 girls and 10 boys) doing different activities with their dolls or pets. 

- 23 drawings of dolls, stuffed animals and pets (Like stickers). 

- 42 different children faces.

- Pattern of children faces / 3 different colors.
- Pattern of dolls and stuffed animals / 3 different colors.
- Pattern of simple elements / 3 different colors.
- Extra Bonus: Domino game design and memorize design.

The content includes: Illustrator Files, EPS, PDF, PNG files (300 dpi), JPG (300 dpi) files. 
Thanks for watching my job and I invite you to play! Isa 🌈

You can find the complete collection here:

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